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Get an insider’s AffiloJetpack Review because I bought AffiloJetpack.

AffiloJetpack Review: Overview

AffiloJetpack - I bought itI’ll save you the trouble of reading the entire review. You will be blown away by the quality and completeness of AffiloJetpack. If you have any interest in making some serious money online, AffiloJetpack is the solution.

When writing this AffiloJetpack review, I wanted to make sure that you know I bought the product. You would be amazed but many people have written an AffiloJetpack review but not even tried the product. Not very trustworthy. Here is a copy of my confirmation email (on the right). You will notice that I bought it during the original launch – July 2010. Mark Ling has relaunched the product on Nov 25, 2010 so now I have the chance to write my own AffiloJetpack review.

AffiloJetpack Review: The Contents

Mark Ling was determined to not leave anything out of AffiloJetpack. That is because it is designed for both beginners and veterans. The beginners will enjoy immense training and push-button websites, while the experts will take advantage of Mark’s keyword and niche research to quickly create profitable campaigns.

Let’s look at what is included with AffiloJetpack:

  • Research free, money hungry niches. Relax, you’re only gonna get the best niches in AffiloJetpack. The niches that bring in tons of volume and credit cards in hand!
  • High quality, pre-written Content, Content, Content that removes all writer’s block. Stop procrastinating and make a decision to do something today. AffiloJetpack has 20 articles for every niche (all keyword rich) so you just need to plug and play
  • Free PDF reports to entice subscriptions. You got them to your site now get them to signup. Giveaway one of three high quality reports for each niche to convince your prospect to become a suscriber
  • Near technology-free website building. You not only get great content, but you get nearly a complete website system also. Included in AffiloJetpack is a WordPress template that is proven to convert sales and subscribers. It is simple and easy to use. It also contains a squeeze page so you can instantly capture subscribers before you lose their attention. If you don’t have hosting, AffiloJetpack offers one free year. You are completely covered.
  • An Autoresponder series that keeps your subscribers begging for more… Tired of one and done sales. The professional 80 separate emails will create a 365 day communication with your subscribers, mixing in information and promotions seamlessly. AffiloJetpack does not come with an autoresponder but you can easily get one from AWeber or GetResponse.
  • The best training in the business so you are never alone. Videos, PDFs, webinars, forums — you name it and AffiloJetpack has it. Whether you need help populating your website or learning advanced techniques like SEO or PPC, you can find first-class training with AffiloJetpack.

AffiloJetpack Review: The Jetpack Niches

AffiloJetpack Review - NichesLook, even with all the great content, you still probably want to know about the niches. I mean, which Jetpacks are actually available and are they any good. Thankfully, you have more than 10 jetpacks to choose from. And none of them are garbage like Acai berry or free satellite TV.

Mark Ling has done all the research and included only those niches that have two things: (1) A deep base of consumers, (2) A consistent seller. You can see the niches on the right.

The great thing about these niches is that there is constant volume. Think about it, when is self help or muscle building not going to be important? Or maybe it solves an “in the moment” problem that happens to almost everyone at some time like dog training or how to get an ex back. Besides being big niches — and they are — they are proven winners in internet marketing. Many many affiliate products are available to promote for each niche. But you don’t have to worry about that because Mark Ling has already done it for you.

Yep, each Jetpack has its own bestselling affiliate products that you will promote during your autoresponder email series. These are proven winners at Clickbank and other platforms. Don’t worry about what to sell or how to sell it. Just build your website, follow the training and drive some traffic.

AffiloJetpack Review: Training and Additional Resources

As mentioned before, if you are new to internet marketing you will no doubt enjoy the training provided by Mark Ling and his staff. In writing my AffiloJetpack review I would be remiss if I did not mention all the great training you find inside.

Here is a quick screenshot of the training and resources you get once you’ve purchased AffiloJetpack:

AffiloJetpack Review - Training
AffiloJetpack Review - Resources

AffiloJetpack Review: Pros & Cons


The biggest advantage of AffiloJetpack is that it removes barriers to success. It takes away all the panic, fear, uncertaintly that surrounds new projects and greenlights action.

  • You can create a website almost overnight that is in the right niche, with the right keywords, and is proven to convert. As Google says “Done is better than perfect.” You can create a good website overnight, a great website in a week. No other package can do this
  • Money hungry niches without the research. Go onto Clickbank and look at the top selling programs. Yep, they are in weight loss, muscle gain, internet marketing, golf, etc. If it’s on Clickbank and sells well, it is likely covered by one of the Jetpacks.
  • Hands-free autoresponder series. I’ve never had the courage to do anything with an Autoresponder because I didn’t know what I was doing. Barrier removed with AffiloJetpack as you get 80 emails prewritten and ready to load.
  • Incredible content that you would spend months writing, delivered in minutes. The emails, articles, and free reports are premium quality. You would spend months researching and writing the same information and would still probably not get there. Mark Ling has hired terrific writers to pull together a total package so the articles sync with the emails and reports.


Nothing is without its disadvantages. And even as much as I like AffiloJetpack, I did find a few areas for improvement:

  • The included graphics for the website are lame. There, I said it. I would not put together a website with these photos. Upshot is that you can easily create your own header
  • While exceedingly easy to use, I am not a “superfan” of the look of the AffiloTheme when it is finally produced. I have used Flexibility Theme and Socrates (this site uses Socrates) and prefer those. However, Mark Ling has created many sites using the same concepts as AffiloTheme and they have sold exceedingly well. I think it is just a matter of taste.

AffiloJetpack Review: Final Verdict

Every once in awhile a product comes along that truly changes the game. No, there is no giant technological shift going on here. But with Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack, you will get everything — and I mean everything — you need to start a five figure monthly business. The rest is up to you.

Can you stay focused, follow instructions, and meet goals? Then AffiloJetpack is right for you.

Again, I bought AffiloJetpack so I am biased. But that is only good news for you. You can see from my earnings that I earn hundreds of dollars a week. And AffiloJetpack will carry me much further. Choose to succeed today.

But don’t leave without collecting my exclusive AffiloJetpack bonus. Click below to secure your bonus today.

AffiloJetpack | Affilo Jetpack

I hope you enjoyed my AffiloJetpack Review.

This AffiloJetpack Review was written in the first person. The review is designed to show you my experience with the product and how I think it can help you. I am aware that the price tag of AffiloJetpack is not within everyone’s reach. But sometimes you have to pay to play. Mark Ling will take you from A – Z by the hand with various training modules and resources.

If you are here before the launch of AffiloJetpack on Nov 25, 2010, I encourage you to download the AffiloJetpack PDF report for free. You will see how Mark Ling uses money magnets to create recurring revenue. Even if you don’t purchase the course, you should download the free PDF.

Check out the latest Mark Ling offering of AffiloJetpack or see why everyone is raving about his training program, Affilorama. Thanks for reading my AffiloJetpack review


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